Friday, No Panty !
What is the Friday : No Panty ?

The Friday: NoPanty Is A Movement, A Way of Life

We work Monday to Friday, week after week, month after month, tireless. We are all anxious to be at Friday night to enjoy our weekend and all day Friday is often the longest and hardest. It’s time to change, make this day a call for freedom, let our panties in the drawer!

Are you already gone, once, with nothing under the pants or skirt?

Have you ever felt this good feeling?

The feeling that it’s written on our faces,  lest we discover that we are naked under our clothes, the impression of doing something foolish like when we were young … All these sensations makes Friday: No Panty a delicious day.

Before you laugh, before saying it’s stupid, if you try. Just once. You’ll redo it.

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